Ackomas, a recognised specialist in unit identification and data analysis applied to medical devices, the pharmaceutical industry and the wine and spirits industry, has revealed its new, fully updated website. 

A highly modern, functional website

The intuitive homepage is divided into separate information sections. The institutional information in the first section lets you get to know our company, the founders and the solution Ackomas has developed. But the most important new feature is the integration of a search engine for regulations. You can now conduct an in-depth search on European and American regulations by using filters for the geographical area and the targeted categories. This important section will be updated regularly to keep up with new international standards.

Finally, you’ll find all the latest news on the homepage. The section is organised to allow for a quick search of information using thematic lists. You’ll see new related to the company (press releases and events Ackomas will be attending), as well as the latest updates on medical devices and regulations. 

We hope you enjoy your visit!


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