Patient safety is the pharmaceutical industry’s highest responsibility. The pharmaceutical supply chain is therefore one of the most regulated in the world. Each stage is subject to high levels of requirements dictated by numerous regulations, from the supply of active ingredients to production, distribution and administration to patients.

Traceability: the cornerstone of international regulations. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, traceability undoubtedly increases the visibility of supply chains. It improves quality control systems and significantly reduces the risk of counterfeit or falsified products. It starts with serialisation, which is the creation of a unique identity for each pharmaceutical product. It continues with Track & Trace, which captures information as the product moves through the supply chain. Finally, it ends with verification of product and transaction information at multiple locations in the chain. 

It is therefore essential to have a system that allows data to be recorded at each stage. Such a system offers other significant benefits in addition to the real-time data it provides: 

  • Implementation of the processes required for regulatory compliance
  • Better organisation of batch recalls in the event of non-compliance

American and European regulations are constantly changing. We therefore monitor these developments constantly in order to provide a solution that is fully compliant and adapted to the current regulations for the pharmaceutical industry. Act now! Send us your project today. Contact us.

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